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Ultraculture Journal
Drunk Buddha

Is it Possible to Meditate While Drunk?

A Reddit user performed an interesting experiment: trying to meditate while consuming copious amounts of alcohol, with interesting results! A Reddit user recently posted results of an interesting experiment: attempting to practice mindfulness meditation while under the influence of alcohol. User /u/iboard330 posted on the /r/Buddhism subbreddit: Tonight I’m performing an experiment with the hope of bringing […]

Mark Zuckerberg Facebook

The DEA Has Fake Accounts All Over Facebook

Facebook informed the DEA that impersonating users is against the site’s policies. The whole affair speaks volumes about the world we live in. Facebook has demanded that the United States Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) stop impersonating the social network’s users to catch drug offenders. In a letter to DEA Administrator Michele Leonhart, Facebook Chief Security Officer Joe Sullivan […]

Monsanto vs. the World
Monsanto vs. the World
Santa Muerte

Drug Cartels Pose a Far Greater Threat Than ISIS

Is ISIS the greatest threat to American security? Or is there an enemy far more heinous who lives much closer to home? If you asked any American what group they think currently poses the greatest threat to the country’s safety and security, they’d probably say ISIS. But in an op-ed piece on Al Jazeera America yesterday, Musa al-Gharbi challenged […]

Gas Prices

The Geopolitical Saga at the Heart of Dropping Gas Prices

The recent drop of gas prices has come as a blessing to consumer. However, it also comes as a result of a geopolitical headache. On Columbus Day, gas prices in the United States dropped to an average of $3.20—the lowest that they have been for the holiday in four years. International Business Times reports: The […]

WikiLeaks Flag

WikiLeaks Releases New TPP Intellectual Property Draft

WikiLeaks releases a new version of the Trans-Pacific Partnership intellectual property chapter, available now from their site The Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) is a wide-ranging trade deal between 12 countries along the Pacific Rim, including the United States, Canada, Mexico, China, Japan, Australia and several others. Its critics are claiming that, among other nightmares, it will […]

United Nations General Assembly

United Nations Report Finds Mass Surveillance is ‘Corrosive’

The United Nations Special Rapporteur finds that mass surveillance is “indiscriminately corrosive of online privacy” Glenn Greenwald reports that the the United Nations Special Rapporteur (their top counterterrorism and human rights official) has given a formal report to the United Nations General Assembly that mass surveillance violates international privacy rights, and argued that “Bulk access technology is […]