Ultraculture Journal
Ultraculture Journal

3 Renewable Energy Solutions That Might Change Everything

Renewable energy faces huge obstacles—not just from fossil fuel companies, but also the ongoing problem of energy storage. Here’s three technologies that could break through the barriers The risk that climate change brings to global business and financial markets is nearly as great as the risk that it brings to the planet itself—and the evolving renewable energy sector […]

William Blake

The Secret World, and Sexual Rebellion, of William Blake

William Blake is best known for his radical politics, prophetic visions, and esoteric cosmology. But according to the research of Marsha Keith Schuchard, he was even stranger than that… The Romantic-era poet and engraver William Blake was a highly controversial and idiosyncratic figure in his time, during which his work was met with only moderate […]

Monsanto vs. the World
Monsanto vs. the World
Internet of Things

Will the Internet of Things Be Another Surveillance Nightmare?

The Internet of Things—the coming revolution in household appliance integration with the Internet—could well be a nightmare of privacy violation and data harvesting The past decade has seen a revolution in microprocessing, Internet connectivity and widespread adoption of new technologies. Human beings are connected to vast sources of data and discourse through an increasing number […]

Central Intelligence Agency

The CIA Just Released a Treasure Trove of Documents

The CIA recently released more than 250 issues of their internal newsletter under the Freedom of Information Act. Here’s four of the weirder ones. Jeffrey Scudder was a veteran information technology specialist at the Central Intelligence Agency when, in 2007, he discovered the archives of the agency’s in-house newsletter Studies in Intelligence. However, the documents were […]

Hallucinations Blindfold

Want Wild Hallucinations? Blindfold Yourself for 4 Days

Ten study subjects reported having insane hallucinations after being blindfolded for four days In a scientific study done more than a decade ago, thirteen subjects were blindfolded for four days, and 10 of them reported having incredibly insane hallucinations. From the abstract of the study: The authors report the occurrence of visual hallucinations of varying […]

Obama Islamic State

Why are We *Really* Going to War With the Islamic State?

President Obama declared war against the Islamic State earlier this month, propelling America into the third US-Iraqi conflict. But who helped our new adversary gain power in the first place? On September 10, President Barack Obama declared war against the Islamic State—in a much anticipated address to the nation, the president promised to “degrade and […]