Magic Mushrooms Will Save Us From Transhuman Technological Hell

Transhuman Terminator Loves His Shrooms

Magic Mushrooms Could Spark “Moral Enhancement,” Save Us From a Hellish Transhuman Future, According to the National Institutes of Health

Check out the abstract of this paper (“Moral Transhumanism: The Next Step”) from the Journal of Medicine and Philosophy:

Although transhumanism offers hope for the transcendence of human biological limitations, it generates many intrinsic and consequential ethical concerns. The latter include issues such as the exacerbation of social inequalities and the exponentially increasing technological capacity to cause harm. To mitigate these risks, many thinkers have initiated investigations into the possibility of moral enhancement that could limit the power disparities facilitated by biotechnological enhancement.

“This paper proposes that psilocybin may represent a viable, practical option for moral enhancement and that its further research in the context of moral psychology could comprise the next step in the development of moral transhumanism.”

The arguments often focus on whether moral enhancement is morally permissible, or even obligatory, and remain largely in the realm of the hypothetical. This paper proposes that psilocybin may represent a viable, practical option for moral enhancement and that its further research in the context of moral psychology could comprise the next step in the development of moral transhumanism.

Yes, according to this peer-reviewed paper indexed by the National Institutes of Health, magic mushrooms could be the way to help posthumans retain or regain the morality needed to be good transpersonal godling/citizens.

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But wait! There’s more! Work at Johns Hopkins is showing that there is a beneficial “sweet spot” of psilocybin that probably weighs in at right around 15mg/70kg (roughly 15mg for someone 150 pounds). Via Gizmag:

Perhaps unsurprisingly, researchers noted that the reported positive effects increased as higher doses were given, but also that there was a sharp increase in the negative aspects at the very highest dose. At the highest dose (30 mg/70 kg, p.o. – meaning “per oral” or by mouth), 78 percent of the volunteers were reporting one of the top five most spiritually significant happenings of their lives but those suffering anxiety, stress and fear episodes increased by six times, so that around a third of those participating in the study showed signs of psychological struggle.

By contrast, only one of the volunteers receiving the second highest dose (20mg/70 kg, p.o.) reported having negative issues, and all benefited from positive experiences, although with less intensity than at the highest dose. Critically, even the lowest amount used in the study resulted in notable and long-lasting positive changes in the attitudes, behavior, overall satisfaction and spiritual beliefs of the subjects during the period of study. These changes were also noticed by family members and friends.

So there may be a day before too long when docs can prescribe psylocibin instead of Xanax.

It is un-ironically lovely: we’ll be able to legally prescribe psylocibin to techno-godlings, and they’ll be more chilled-out and more moral with but a wink from a dihydrogen phosphate chain. The future is getting better all the time.

None of this, of course, is to suggest you “eat” or “do” any kinds of drugs whatsoever…

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Angelic Reformation Enochian Magick John Dee Jason Louv
Angelic Reformation Enochian Magick John Dee Jason Louv
  • bitrat

    (sigh) They said this about LSD in the 1960’s…….were that it was this simple

    • AsylumSeaker

      The 60s were a sort of psychedelic gold rush. People didn’t know what they were doing, nobody had done it before. It was all new, and amazing. Mistakes, inevitably, were made.
      We’ve got the benefit of hindsight now. We’ve got tremendous amounts of literature and experiential reports from all the people who persisted long after the first wave crashed. We’ve got a foundation this time. We’ll succeed.

      • bitrat

        That’s what I’m talking about! The fascinating thing to me is that Sasha Shulgin’s predictions viz analogs, etc has come true in spades…..He wrote a paper called something like “drugs of abuse of the future” in the 1970’s I believe (I had it kicking around here somewhere). He made the obvious to any med chemist observation that prohibition is impossible……new compounds are always being discovered and if anyone REALLY wanted to get crazy, well…..of course it happened…The Chinese and other chemists are now turning out so called “designer drugs” (bath salts….ha ha ha ha! The media loves a good juicy byline, eh?) by the thousands….and as u know, ALL drugs are designed…..Hell, it was the pharmaceutical companies with their “me too” meds that started the whole thing in the 1950’s or earlier…..Anyway, fentanyl and other ultrapotent synthetic opioids have just begun to come out (wait ’till they start churning out kilos of etorphine, etc), the cannabinoids, NBOMe series, etc etc etc are cheap and quickly delivered, and no one needs to visit his friendly street dealer anymore unless he’s a fool or just fond of “old school” meds…. ha ha ha ha! The war on drugs is SO lost…..
        But as I said this was obvious to all of us with training in medicinal chemistry long ago….I had a personal involvement in the phenethylamine entheogens for several decades….no need to go into detail…I finally paid my dues in the early 2000’s and sadly had to put away my chemistry set :^(
        And I must say, not all of the Chinese stuff is junk….obviously MDPVP and the other amphetamine analogs are pretty addicting and easily induce toxic psychosis when one OD’s or uses then too long, but some of the other compounds are real gems which I believe will someday be used clinically. Need I name names? On the one hand I want to see people finding compounds that are really good, on the other the more popularized they are, the sooner we lose them to scheduling….use google if you don’t already know this stuff like the back of yer hand which I suspect you do…. ;*p Well, ’twas ever thus……and the sooner we end this silly “prohibition” (translate police tools for repression, bribes for government folks, money for CIA black ops, MK Ultra, etc etc ad nauseum) the sooner the world will be a safer, saner place……
        Do I talk too much after my 1st cup of coffee in the morning? So sorry…..cheers.

        • AsylumSeaker

          Thanks: Your earlier comment makes more sense in the context of this one :)

  • AsylumSeaker

    In the absence of an existing interest in moral philosophy or some kind of solid framework for thinking and talking about morality, psylocibin won’t have a reliable
    effect on morals. These things work very well to enhance our preexisting efforts to make ourselves better people, but they’re not magic in the make something out of nothing sense; they won’t make you a better person automatically without any other input. Probably if you’re already working on making yourself a bad person then you could use psychedelics to further that goal too.