300 DMT Trips Assembled into One Word Cloud

DMT Word Cloud

The text of 300 DMT trip reports were fed into a word cloud generator to produce this fascinating image

Redditor d8_thc just ran the text of over 300 DMT trip reports from Erowid into a word cloud generator, and came up with the following image cloud:

DMT Word Cloud

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(You can see the full image here.)

DMT (N,N- or 5-MeO-Dimethyltryptamine) is one of the most potent psychedelics known to man, a naturally occurring compound that is the active ingredient in ayahuasca, is present in psilocybin mushrooms and which also occurs naturally within the human brain. When synthesized into its raw form and consumed, it produces insanely complex hypergeometrical hallucinations that look something like this. Users often report entering a fractal landscape where they interact with “entities” that often observe, test or even impart messages to them before they’re returned to their bodies. The DMT experience lasts all of five to ten minutes, as the human brain rapidly processes the chemical back into water—but that’s a five or ten minutes that can often seem like an eternity.

Note the prevalence in the word cloud of “entities,” “time,” “body,” “eyes”—users often report a vast fractal landscape of eyes staring at and observing them, much as depicted in the artist Alex Grey’s paintings of the DMT experience. Apparently, according to the image cloud above, the biggest takeaway is that the DMT trippers “like”d it!

While DMT has been around in the underground since the 1960s, it has never become a popular drug, instead lurking at the edges of the drug scene for only the bravest psychonauts (especially as it’s somewhat hard to make and often very hard to get—users also tend not to want to try it more than a few times as the experience is somewhat traumatic and far more self-confrontational than “enjoyable” in the same way pot, opiates or even mushrooms are).

DMT achieved notoriety through the works of Terence McKenna and was heavily researched by Dr. Rick Strassman; more recently, the Gaspar Noé film Enter the Void focused on the drug and provided some stunning visual depictions of the DMT experience.

The Apocalypse is Cancelled, Jason Louv

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Angelic Reformation Enochian Magick John Dee Jason Louv
  • Joe Boyer

    RE: “like,” I think it’s more: “Like.. there was like.. this swirling mass of entities.. and they like.. spoke to me telepathically.”

  • http://bosleysblog.com/ Josh BOsley

    Probably the most mind boggling experience I have ever been through.