Learning How to Stop


Stop, and Let Go. Just for a Moment 

Modern life is rubbish.

We all want it all. To conquer the world with our ideas and do good and play all of our roles perfectly for all people. And get rich in the meantime.

But life is short. Ten years spent learning to walk and talk and what not to eat because it’s poisonous, ten years spent dealing with becoming social and the opposite sex, ten years fitting in to the adult world, ten years maintaining it all and reproducing and then your body slowly starts to pull the plug while you raise the next generation to do it all over again. More or less. Salmon up a stream.

It’s important to stop sometimes. To let the madness of our social obligations, nearly all of which are about what other people can get from us, to settle, and to listen to what’s really going on.

What’s really going on is this Thing. It’s not the drama you assign to your ego, your personal myth. It’s not some cosmic mythology of good vs. evil or whatever vs. whatever. It’s not even time, this “be here now” moment. It’s this Thing. This completely inscrutable, breathing, transforming, pulsating Thing called existence, driven by water, food, air, information. This process called life which we largely fritter away on momentary distractions, work, business, chasing money or sex or highs or religion or getting pointlessly riled up about one thing or another on the Internet.

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Stop. Relax. Be with yourself. Don’t be here now, either. Fuck Now. Now can fuck off. That slippery bastard always gets away from you anyway. Just be.

In this calm abiding all is known and all is present.

Give in. Just give in. You can’t change the future. You can’t make the past come back. You can’t manifest a billion dollars with the Secret™®©. Let go of your clinging to illusions, to the Santas you have not yet ceased to believe in. Let go of your clinging to anything. All that craving.

And stop.

There is nothing but this breath. And one day even this breath will leave you. And where will today’s mad thoughts of who said what on Facebook be then? Where will all the gold you have won or lost in this world be then? Where will all your daily dramas be then? Gone away.

Stop. Remember. And return.

Get The Apocalypse is Cancelled, the new Ultraculture ebook, for free.

Angelic Reformation Enochian Magick John Dee Jason Louv
Angelic Reformation Enochian Magick John Dee Jason Louv