Donald Michael Kraig Needs Your Help


Donald Michael Kraig, author of the book Modern Magick, among many others, has been battling stage IV pancreatic cancer since early this year; the cancer has spread to his liver. Don is out of the hospital and back at home, but facing a very tough road ahead.

Don Kraig has been an active author in the magical community for the last several decades. Nearly everybody with an interest in magick has come across his work, and most started with it. Don has given invaluable service throughout his life in making the path open and accessible to multiple generations of spiritual seekers, providing clear and concise manuals to Golden Dawn-style Qabalistic ritual magic and even Eastern tantric systems.

As you may imagine, this is often not a particularly materially rewarding path. Like so many in America, Don and his wife are now facing the double burden of both illness and the financial strain of medical bills.

Don’s wife is currently running a Gofundme (similar to Kickstarter) campaign to help offset Don’s bills. She’s even offering several rewards at various levels of contribution, ranging from copies of Don’s books (even out-of-print ones) to hand-made items.

If you’ve read or used Don’s books, or your life has in any way been contributed to by his work—or if you’re simply able to do a good deed today—please consider donating. The magical community has lost many of its elders, and even younger members, in the last decade; let’s do a good turn for somebody who has dedicated their life to helping build that community.

Help Don Kraig


Angelic Reformation Enochian Magick John Dee Jason Louv
Angelic Reformation Enochian Magick John Dee Jason Louv
  • Leilah Publications

    Digital pan-handling. Part of practicing “magick” is to face and accept death. When it is your time, it is your time.

  • Paul Joseph Rovelli

    Frater Mto cheats on his wife, but becomes morally outraged when I say I don’t like DMK or his funding campaign…and a whole bunch of morons side with Frater Mto and are mad at me and my church. Why would anyone give money to a man who has friends like this?

  • knighttemplar01

    Whether to aid another traveler or not, is a free choice. But to deride and degrade others who might choose to help, shows to be blunt, an acute lack of spiritual awareness. No one knows where they or any other soul are on the path; never assume, creation has ways of testing those who pretend or are pretentious, thus exposing their true nature for all to see. How would your heart? Weigh against a feather?