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Going on a Tear About Global Inequality and the Evils of Mass Culture

Went on a bit of a rager on my Facebook this week on the subject of first world hypnosis and third world slavery. Figured I ought to archive the shit before it vanishes into the ether.

>Future historians will see this age as the APEX of human slavery and they will puzzle and puzzle over how everybody could turn a blind eye. They will ask how masses become evil, how casual genocide and torture can be ignored by whole cultures. And they will come to no conclusions

>I am not worried that this present world will end in two weeks. I’m worried that it won’t.

>So let’s be real for a second. Mass media and electronic media have one function and it is NOT quite to keep plutocrats in power over you. It is to hide the blood on YOUR HANDS from YOUR exercise of power.

>The planet is dying. The third world slowly starves to death. Drones terrorize the poor. There are more black men in America incarcerated now than in 1850. The economy runs on physical and sexual slavery and the electronics you herald as creating a “new utopia” are made by shackled children. Your religions lie to you that salvation is coming while you destroy Eden Itself, keeping you enslaved with threats of damnation in the next world and nuclear weapons and death camps in this one. This Is Not How It Should Be and You Are Doing It To Yourself.

>I laugh at the Western idea of progress. I fucking laugh at it. It is a fucking lie. I have seen more happiness in the eyes of Nepali children with NOTHING but the dirt on their faces than I have ever seen in the eyes of a Westerner.

>The “progress” of Western Civilization is the progress away from the Garden of Eden. The Fall.

>Your face when you realize slavery never ended, the whole shit is rigged and we might as well live in Ancient Egypt except that all the crap we make is digital so there will not even be any sweet ass pyramids left to tell our tale

>We Know Enough to Know Better

>Embracing the things your culture has rejected (ie the occult, trash culture, otaku shit, etc) can be a profound gesture of alienation from that culture, but when said society is killing the planet, what then? Reassimilation into the fold might be seen as collusion in mass murder at that point. But is it enough to embody a kind of permanent opposition to modernity? Most of what I’ve been saying in one way or another in my career is, no, it’s not. Dwelling on the fringes can give you perspective and clarity on the sins of your culture like nothing else, but we must remember that this is also the position from which the insights and experiments that can change the course of culture happen.

>Our current mass culture is one of the most sophisticated weapons ever developed. Human sacrifice pyramids of celebrity exist solely to sell you the products that pacify, weaken and slowly kill you. How well they have learned from the horrors of the ancient world and how well they have perfected soft-sell slavery

>But the real horror is that the Spectacle doesn’t exist merely to “keep us down.” Yes, it does that. But it also fulfills the role that confessional and religious theatre used to. It distracts us from ourselves, from seeing the blood on our hands, from seeing that the lifestyle it sells us and that we demand is raping the world, the animals and the poor.

>It is all too easy to claim you are being kept down. Far harder to see those you are keeping down. Especially when we are so invested in keeping our society’s slaves invisible, faceless, voiceless, held in for-profit prisons or behind sweatshop tables

>You think slavery ended just because we stopped importing labor from colonized countries? No. We simply became advanced enough to run the countries, keep the labor there, and ship the goods to us, “as if by magic,” out of sight and out of mind.

>Our dreams are to become famous, to be recognized, to be powerful, to be successful and we cry and cry when we do not get what we want… their dreams are to eat, to not have to watch their children starve to death, to live free of disease, to have any hope at all… and we do not see them at all

>We go on about token “freedoms” like gay marriage and marijuana legalization that amount to little but privileges for a privileged class, the shuffling of blood money, while we systematically destroy and enslave cultures wholesale, a silent and persistent holocaust far greater than anything Hitler could have imagined or accomplished. And for what? The “freedom” to choose between a range of consumer items. A way of life that is making you sick and, believe you me, will make our children even sicker.

>It’s feel-bad week on my Facebook. Something to offend everybody

>Number of people killed in Holocaust over a six-year period: 11-17 million. Number of people who die of poverty-related causes every year: 8 million, i.e. 48 million per six years, with no end in sight. Cost to end global poverty over a twenty-year period: estimated $175 billion a year, less than 1% of the combined income of the richest countries on the planet. You do the math.

>Whole countries turned into concentration camps. Hitler did not lose. He was merely replaced. Improved upon. The blame bureaucratized and shared so consciences could stay clean and the Plan could not end with any one man.

>Yes. It is real. Yes. This is happening.

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Jason Louv Hyperworlds Underworlds
Jason Louv Hyperworlds Underworlds
  • Hubert Cumberdale
  • lalita

    That is what I call a RANT!! All true, too true.
    However… It leaves me feeling helpless, useless, stupid. Yesterday you published an article about “pseudo science” and how to spot it. It left me, momentarily, feeling the same way. But then I thought..this so -called pseudo, new age way of thinking and dealing with reality is the only path I can follow. It suggests that internal, personal growth actually can change the world. It is a solitary, uncertain, untested, checkered path…often misguided, always unknowable, nothing can be proven. One foot in front of the other…
    How else can a human, not the human mass, but one person, react to the world as it IS? Mao made such a mess “through the barrel of a gun..” revolution is nearly always worse than what preceded it. Our human nature seems to me to be both the problem and the solution.

    • darius sohei

      lalita, the fact that you still react to reality in disempowered ways (feeling helpless, useless, stupid, reacting) says a lot about the results of your practice, new age, old age, whatever. the results you get are directly based on HOW you are practicing. so practice differently. there’s no need to “feel” bad about reality, even if reality is fucking horrible.

  • Nando

    @jason – it reads a lot better as a whole

    @lalita – there are other things we could do, and it requires us to leave a lot of the comforts and assumptions that we have been surrounded by. The thing is that there won’t be an apocalypse. It will be a “slow” collapse, that is already happening. Ask your self, does sustainability mean keeping your current life style and consumption or simplifying to something else?

    Best of luck

  • darius sohei

    at a certain point, well-meaning (yet evil by accident) everyday people will only become freedom fighters when the fruits of their own avoidance rot in front of them and threaten their children, their puppies, their beloved xyz. it’s when they can no longer avoid that they will accept responsibility. as long as our global culture allows avoidance and distancing, the inherent self-preservation slash laziness of human nature will enable slavery, evil, and everything else we like to blame on others.