Ultraculture University Online Class on Chaos Magick is This Saturday

Ultraculture University

Live Five-Hour Webinar on Chaos Magick Scheduled for Saturday, January 18, 1 PM PST

Ultraculture University, the new online education / Webinar arm of Ultraculture, is now open for business.

We’ll be offering higher education… much higher education. That means top-quality online courses in skills for improving your life—skills you won’t find much quality education about elsewhere.

Our first class will be a five hour workshop on Chaos Magick, the rather oddly named but highly effective art of harnessing your unconscious mind through the use of altered states of consciousness and symbolic reprogramming to create dramatic changes in your personal reality. It’s a topic that your instructor—Ultraculture’s editor Jason Louv—has sixteen years of practical trial-and-error experience in. For the price of an occult book, you get serious, in-depth, practical training in a skill that can radically change your life.

NOTE: If you can’t make the actual time of the class don’t worry! Anybody who signs up gets a *full* download of the video to watch whenever they like! Also, some have asked if the Webinar will work on mobile or tablet. YES, it will work on any device running iOS or Android. You just need the free app for iOS or Android.

Here’s the description of the course:

Ruling Your Reality:

A Step-by-Step Workshop on Chaos Magick for Individuals and Groups

I’ll be leading the participants in the techniques of applied group magick—enough to begin a serious magickal practice (whether individually or with a group—rarely if ever taught) and cause all kinds of trouble.

This lecture will cover the psychological preparation necessary for effective magickal work, setting intent, divination, banishing, raising energy and building gnosis, how to generate power with a group of magicians, and—most importantly—dealing with your results! You’ll walk away with a good, solid toolkit for performing magick within the context of any belief system you happen to hold.

I’ve already presented the workshop live in New York, to excellent response, and now I’m offering it online for easy access.

The course will be offered as a live video feed with group chat participation on Saturday, January 18 at 1 PM Pacific Standard Time. Archived video of the course will be available to download from the site afterwards if you’ve signed up, whether or not you were able to catch the live program. No commitment is needed.

To get started, head over to the brand-new Ultraculture University page—see you there!

Join the Class Here!


Angelic Reformation Enochian Magick John Dee Jason Louv
Angelic Reformation Enochian Magick John Dee Jason Louv
  • Ulysses Jason Newcomb

    “We’re sorry, but due to a bug in Safari, you will need to use a different browser to complete the PayPal meeting registration.

    Simply open this page in a different browser,
    like Chrome or Firefox to register for this meeting.”

    I got this message on chrome and mercury browser on my ipad.

    • Kim Karstensen

      for folks with Mac – install Firefox works perfectly

  • alienlogic

    For those who had to take advantage of the “signup now, watch via download later” option, where is the download?


    I kept getting an error message from paypal and couldn’t get registered. Is there still some way to get the download of the lecture?

  • JahBuntah

    ‘For those who had to take advantage of the “signup now, watch via download later” option, where is the download?’ <–alienlogic

    I too signed up but was unable to attend the actual Webinar. I too am seeking the download. Assistance?

    • Naomi