Monsanto Declares Roundup Safe, But El Salvador Isn’t Buying It

Glyphosate Molecule

Roundup (Glyphosate) Under Fire; Latin America Leads Charge in Rebuking Monsanto Products

After an Associated Press report that Roundup (Monsanto’s trade name for the herbicide glyphosate) isn’t safe, Monsanto is in damage control mode—this coming on the heels of both Monsanto’s ongoing stock problems, Monsanto products being pushed out of Europe, and the “Monsanto Protection Act” being tossed out.

Glyphosate has been linked to innumerable health concerns and potential carcinogenic effects—very little of which has been clinically tested or proved. Critics of Monsanto claim that this is because the agribusiness giant tightly holds the reins of the scientific and regulatory processes around GMOs and its other products.

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Via News Daily:

Monsanto Co. is calling for more controls on agrochemicals, including its Roundup line of glyphosate-based weed-killers, in response to an Associated Press report about concerns that illegal pesticide applications are harming human health in Argentina.

“If pesticides are being misused in Argentina, then it is in everyone’s best interests – the public, the government, farmers, industry, and Monsanto – that the misuse be stopped,” the St. Louis, Missouri-based company said after the AP report was published Monday.

The company criticized the AP report as lacking in specifics about health impacts, though the story cited hospital birth records, court records, peer-reviewed studies, continuing epidemiological surveys, pesticide industry and government data, and a comprehensive audit of agrochemical use in 2008-11 prepared by Argentina’s bipartisan Auditor General’s Office.

Meanwhile, while the world debates the safety of Roundup, El Salvador is busy outright banning it.

Via Natural News:

While the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) was busy doubling (and in some cases quadrupling) the amount of allowable glyphosate residue on certain foods, the nation of El Salvador actually heeded the grim data surrounding the herbicide’s disastrous effect on our environment and everything in it and decided to outright ban the chemical.

Glyphosate, the number one ingredient in biotech giant Monsanto’s best-selling Roundup herbicide, was banned in El Savador, along with 52 other harmful chemicals, this past September.

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Monsanto vs. the World
Monsanto vs. the World