Wikipedia Founder on Esoteric Site Ban: ‘Absolutely Ridiculous’

Jimmy Wales

Wikipedia co-founder and Cameron government advisor Jimmy Wales lashes out against plan to censor UK Internet

Last week saw massive public uproar over a proposed UK-wide internet filter which would block not just pornography but also esoteric and occult sites. The filter would allow Internet users to opt out if they still wanted to access “risky” material, but that could well lead to them being profiled as potential criminals. It’s a move that critics of David Cameron’s government have called “Sleepwalking Into Censorship.”

Outrage has reached both sides of the Atlantic—in the United States, Wikipedia co-founder Jimmy Wales, who acts as one of David Cameron’s advisors, has said of the proposed ban that “When Cameron uses the example of pedophiles who are addicted to internet porn – all that these plans would do is require them to opt in. It’s an absolutely ridiculous idea that won’t work.” He blasted the use of funds by the NSA and other security agencies to spy on individual Internet users, stating that “billions [have] been wasted shopping on ordinary people’s data in a fruitless search for terrorists” and that “We should be devoting a significant proportion of that to dealing with the real criminal issues online, stealing credit card numbers, hacking into sites… that is going to take an investment in real, solid police work.”

Via the Independent:

One of David Cameron’s most high-profile celebrity advisers has branded the Prime Minister’s plan to restrict online porn as “an absolutely ridiculous idea that won’t work.”

Jimmy Wales, co-founder of Wikipedia, was asked about the plans for web users to opt-in to receive adult content, and otherwise be blocked.

Warning that access to online pornography is “corroding childhood” the Prime Minister said internet service providers will ask users who open new contract whether they want to activate filters which restrict adult material.

Without an answer either way, the filters will be activated by default.

Mr Wales told Channel 4 News: “When Cameron uses the example of paedophiles who are addicted to internet porn – all that these plans would do is require them to opt in. It’s an absolutely ridiculous idea that won’t work.”

The ban, which has been set up in arrangement with UK ISPs TalkTalk, Sky, BT and Virgin, will affect 90% of the United Kingdom’s Internet users.

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Angelic Reformation Enochian Magick John Dee Jason Louv
Angelic Reformation Enochian Magick John Dee Jason Louv
  • Klenze

    How DARE you take the religion of so many and censor it as pornography. One of your former Prime ministers, Mr. Winston Churchill, was a Druid. Is anything associated with him now pornographic? How DARE you make what YOU in your limited , puny frame of mind find to be a faith you don’t believe in, a crime to view for anyone. You can’t cry “No. I didn’t say it’s a crime” because you don’t hide knowledge unless it is criminal or you stand to gain from hiding the information. This is nothing but a digital version of Hitler’s Nazi book burnings. FOR SHAME, you puny, puny man.

  • Kevin_OKeeffe

    I really wish we could get a better idea of what is meant by “esoteric” and “occult” material. When I first read about this, my first thought was that “esoteric” was a way to mess with David Ickes. But upon further reflection, I suspect one of its intended purposes will be to restrict access to all socio-political views & analysis that are outside the narrow range of manufactured pseudo-“consensus” represented by Cameron’s CuntServitor Party, the Limp Dick Party, and Nue Leybohr. Basically, anyone with anything remotely interesting to say, whether associated with the “right” or the “left.”

  • Jon Haase

    There’s a petition here which specifically cites the “esoteric material” filter:

    And of course there are plenty of other petitions around. People could also be in contact with politicians (if in the UK) to try and garner opposition.