The Left-Handed Path of Desk Yoga


Everyday Yoga: Disturb Your Daily Trance by Switching Hands

Maybe, like me, you’re looking for simple ways to weird up your day and expand your mind.  I don’t take time for yoga anymore, and my 9-5 gig doesn’t give me much room for experiments that veer too far over the blood-brain barrier. So here’s a simple idea: try using your left hand for common tasks (if you’re a “righty”).

I must click thousands of times per day – with my right hand.

I brush my teeth three or four times a day – with my right hand.

How often do I reach to flush the toilet – with my right hand?

I write with my right, put on glasses with my right, and crank up the car with my right hand. My right-handed outlook is continually reinforced by my right handedness. Many thousands of small actions daily prop up the dominance of my left brain.

So the hack is very simple: at every opportunity, within a given hour, use your left hand. Punch the elevator button, turn the door handle, click on your inbox, zip your pants, pick up the coffee, and scratch your eyebrow with your left. I don’t recommend mixing things up when shaving.

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If you cross your feet as you work, and it’s right foot on top of left: Reverse it.

I favor my left teeth when I chew gum. When you notice yourself favoring one side of your jaw over the other: Reverse it.

Try reversing hands for even the most intimate times.  Scrub yourself as a lefty, love yourself left-handedly, and Floss-O Revers-O!

One aim of hatha yoga is to generate balance between the ida and the pingala streams of energy in the body. This brings some balance between masculine and feminine energies in the mind as well. It gets you in synch with which ever stream is the one you use less of, and is generally a very good thing to be doing.  But we can taste some benefits of yoga just by using our opposite hand. You may find that your normal ways of thinking, seeing, and feeling are disrupted for a time.

See? Even in the cubicle, you can hack your own mind and dissolve barriers you didn’t even know existed.

Go on with your reality-warping self.

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Angelic Reformation Enochian Magick John Dee Jason Louv
Angelic Reformation Enochian Magick John Dee Jason Louv