The Three Keys to Species Survival

Ultraculture Venn Diagram Space Settlement Self-Sourced Spirituality Sustainability Species Survival

Ultraculture is a Kaleidoscope That Shows You the Future | By Jason Louv.

Dear human race: I believe that life can work, and that life can be an adventure. And what I’m offering with Ultraculture is a participatory dialogue on how to get there. I want a comprehensive vision of the future for a generation that’s rejecting the unethical and unsustainable dreams of 20th century hypercapitalism, and looking to create a lifestyle that brings happiness instead of self-destruction. We want sustainable lives with the freedom to make our own meaning instead of being slaves to the machine, tied to credit and student loan debt. We want to take up the adventure of living instead of drowning in numb hypnosis. I’m looking for backroads around the apocalypse, and I’m building neon signs to them. And as demonstrated in the diagram above, I believe that the three major keys to species survival are self-sourced spirituality, sustainability and space settlement. To break that down: Self-sourced spirituality sounds very loaded but, at its simplest form, is the belief that individuals should be able to learn about the universe and their place in it through self-directed study, discipline and logical experiment instead of being force-fed dogmatic imprints. Sustainability goes beyond just environmentalism and is the effort to keep the biosphere—humans, animals and plants—not only alive, but healthy. Space settlement is the funneling of efforts into public and private space efforts to make sure that the human race expands beyond the confines of Earth before it loses the resources to do so. As I wrote previously, we need:

1. The universal rights of humanity. Human beings have the right to have their basic needs met. We have the means to do so for all on Earth; that we are not doing so is criminal. The ability to pursue and create truth is also a fundamental human right, as or perhaps more important even than basic survival needs. All must be free to pursue truth free of political, spiritual and sexual fascism.

2. The sustainable existence of humanity. Green and sustainable energy. This probably means that we will have to adjust our lifestyle, because there’s no way we’re going to keep our current rate of energy consumption going. But then again, many of the dehumanizing excesses of our culture are making us miserable anyway.

3. The ongoing expansion of humanity. Space travel. It’s the only way we’re going to get more resources and more living space for an expanding population. It’s also a primary way we can re-instill pride and a sense of purpose in our species. Science fiction has been telling us this for over a hundred years, and first NASA and now private space firms have begun to make it a reality.

This is a start. I hope you’ll help me continue to develop, learn and expand as I ask the question “where next?”

Monsanto vs. the World
Monsanto vs. the World