5 Reasons Space Ladies are Sexy


Why We Love the Women of Space

5. You have to be fit to explore space. My wife wants to homestead on Mars — that’s honestly one of her main motivations for running and lunging and all that. She can run for miles and miles. Being fit is sexy, and that’s why the lady space explorers are usually hot. Mae Jemison, Judy Resnick, Anousheh Ansari… even Valentina Tereshkova had her moments of hotness. They worked out!

4. Space is lonely and cold. Being the only warm body within a million cubic miles of near vacuum makes you kinda up for it.

3. Ladies who cowboy it out among the stars have to know how to use gear. Gearhead ladies are sexy, so space ladies are double sexy because they have to know how to fix stuff and make stuff. If you are a maker lady, you are already sexy – and you are halfway to space-sexy. Can you finger an extrusion head till it melts vinyl? Can you change a sparkplug? Have you dicked around with model fuel cells? See? Give yourself a long, slow wink in the mirror.

2. Space ladies ride terrible fiery rockets and totally love it.

1. The most obvious thing is – women who ride to space are smart as hell. Smart = sexy, and never more so in the exemplars (both in real life and in our myths) of brave women who go out to explore the unknown. We love you  And we will chart the cosmos with you hand-in-hand.

[Image: Kristen Bethke works on MIT’s Bio-Suit design]

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Jason Louv Hyperworlds Underworlds
Jason Louv Hyperworlds Underworlds