Ultimate Cat and Owl Zen

Cat and Owl

In this video, a Cat and an Owl contemplate the ultimate bliss at the core of the universe.

Cat: I am awful depressed, Owl. All I can do is lay here. It seems that MItt Romney is ahead in the polls and that even the liberal media is tacitly supporting him, bowing to his carefully constructed Reagan-like showmanship.

Owl: It is not only Romney, nor Obama, that are inherently empty, Cat. Politics are a distraction. You and I both know that regardless of political affiliation, all living beings are still subject to old age, disease and death. All is transient. Existence is only a passage through time towards an unknowable goal which in itself is illusory.

Cat: All is suffering.

Owl: Is this not what the religions of this Earth have perennially told man, in one form or another?

Cat: This is an old and sorrowful doctrine we speak. It can only lead to the purchase of expensive meditation mats and the posturing that one is enlightened on Internet chat forums. Such a world-weary philosophy generates but mediocre sales of self-published books and perhaps a small Facebook following. In the final summation, I must reject this.

Owl: Slow, slow. Do not so quickly take my words for nihilism, Owl. For behind the apparent suffering of this world shines the clear light of pure consciousness, and suffering is only the projection of consciousness, not consciousness itself.

Cat: You speak as an essentialist, believing in some transcendent bliss. But is not even consciousness itself an illusion?

Owl: Perhaps. But are not the apparently contradictory philosophies of Vedanta, Neoplatonism and the Dependent Arising of Buddhism but different glosses on a reality whose nature, even if impermanent and illusory, is but being-bliss-awareness? I feel that existence is a glorious endeavor, for regardless of whether one is up or down, left or right, enjoying success or failure, or experiencing any conditioned dualities—even the apparent duality of existence and non-existence—still is the acceptance and enjoyment of this life possible in any moment should consciousness choose to modulate itself in such a way.

Cat: You speak truth, even if such a truth is so simple it is liable to be overlooked by creatures of pure philosophy such as ourselves. For even if all should prove to be illusion in the end, one’s consciousness still holds the final say in how it shall perceive this thing called existence, and bliss is always an option, therefore proving its relative truth. If bliss can be chosen at the relative level, this is good enough, even if it holds no absolute truth. For the mind and senses are incapable of extending beyond the confines of the relative anyway. In such a case, choosing to experience bliss is not mere solipsism, it is simply the most prudent option.

Owl: MOTH!

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Angelic Reformation Enochian Magick John Dee Jason Louv
Angelic Reformation Enochian Magick John Dee Jason Louv