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Ultraculture: Wake Up & Stay Free

About the Ultraculture Project

Ultraculture is an all-out, entrenched assault on consensus reality and the forces that seek to restrict freedom and consciousness. We are concerned with:

• Communicating techniques for self-liberation and consciousness alteration.

• Promoting liberty, freedom, health, happiness and alternative ways of living.

• Casting light on the corporate, governmental and media forces that seek to enslave or manipulate the masses.

Want to find out more? Start with our free eBook, The Apocalypse is Cancelled, and then join the conversation at our Facebook group and on Twitter. If you’re interested in getting involved, find out how here.

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Jason Louv

Jason Louv is the author of Monsanto vs. the World, Queen Valentine and editor of Thee Psychick Bible, Ultraculture Journal and Generation Hex. He has written for VICE/Motherboard, Esquire Online, h+, Acceler8or, Disinformation and co-founded the blog Dangerous Minds. He currently lives in Los Angeles. @jasonlouv

Staff Writers

Woody Evans

Woody Evans is from Mississippi and lives just west of Al Awir, United Arab Emirates. He has written on technology, technoculture, and transhumanism for Boing Boing, Juked, Blip Magazine, Rain Taxi Review, American Libraries, and many others. His books and articles are widely used in Library and Information Science courses. @woodyevans

Amy Nicole

Amy Nicole is an animal rights and environmental activist who works to bring attention to the plight of our troubled planet. @thepeacepanther




Hannah Haddix is an artist and world traveler and has played and toured with the band Psychic TV.

Kevin Gamble lives nestled in the Appalachian mountains of North Carolina, where he is working on his M.S. degree in Appropriate Technology, with a particular focus on sustainable water practices.

Daniel Appel‘s academic work in the developmental science laboratory of Temple University focuses on developmental neuroscience and philosophy of the mind. He lives outside of Philadelphia, PA.

Editorial Assistant

Spencer Salmon is a co-founder of Earth Pitch Records, examining creative spirituality through poetry, music and cultural deconstruction. @spencersalmon

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